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Hard work for Missouri


My Priorities

  • No More Shutdowns

  • NO Mask Mandate

  • NO Mail In Voting

  • No Vaccination Mandates

  • Encourage development of a generic medication manufacturer here in Missouri

  • Eliminate the healthcare monopoly...the certificate of need process needs a major revision/revision

  • Competition is a good thing

  • Family Court Reform


As a physician, I understand what it takes to protect and preserve life. As your Governor, I will ensure that every person's right to life is upheld from conception to natural death.

Pro-Healthcare Freedom

During my time as a physician and as a state representative, I led the fight for terminally-ill Missourians' right to try experimental treatments. As your Governor, I will get big government out of the healthcare system, so that decisions are left up to patients and their doctors.


The 2nd Amendment was put in place by our founding fathers to help preserve the rest of our Constitutional rights. As your Governor, I will protect the Constitutional rights of all Missourians.

He was admitted to Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences in 1981. After graduating, Dr. Neely began treating patients with life-threatening injuries and illnesses as an emergency room physician in Florida.

He returned home to Missouri in 1987 to practice medicine at Cameron Regional Medical Center, where he still works today. Dr. Neely served on the Cameron School Board from 1996 to 2005 and has represented the 8th District in the Missouri House of Representatives since 2013.

During his time in office, Dr. Neely has successfully passed several landmark public policy proposals. As a strong believer in the importance of family, Dr. Neely helped pass legislation to give children greater access to both parents when a separation or divorce occurs.

After his daughter was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2013, he championed legislation to give terminally-ill Missourians the right to try experimental treatments. The legislation has since passed in 40 other states and President Trump signed the federal Right to Try law in 2018.

In addition to practicing medicine and working in the state legislature, Dr. Neely is a member of the American Legion. He resides in Cameron with his wife Sandra.

As the son of two teachers, the value of hard work and public service was instilled in Dr. Neely at a young age.  He graduated from Grandview High School in 1969 and enrolled in the Army ROTC program at Mizzou, beginning a lifetime of service to his country.

Dr. Neely served as an officer in the Army, where among other duties he was tasked with informing families of the death of their loved ones and arranging military funerals. Helping thousands of Americans cope with the tragic loss of life inspired Dr. Neely to become a physician so that he could instead intervene to save the lives of his countrymen.

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